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Attorneys, Expectations, and Fees

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As the filing of Mass Torts is a nationwide legal pursuit, many local rules are addressed. 

Consistent with the laws of  Nebraska, under Model Rule 7.1, we may “truthfully report” accomplishments regarding past cases but we dispel any notion that a particular outcome would be possible in any given case regardless of specific facts or circumstances. Similarly, under the Washington rules we herein offset the misleading effect of any statements containing unsubstantiated comparisons with the fees or services of other attorneys.

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"SKW" is Scott K. Walker, the Attorney responsible for this Website, who is licensed in Illinois and an attorney at Timothy Keller Law Firm, P.C., located at 300 North Monroe, Marion, Illinois, 62959.

Consistent with the Illinois rule, this attorney advertising website accordingly lists the name and address of Attorney Scott K. Walker [at the Timothy Keller Law Firm, P.C., 300 N. Monroe St., Marion, IL 62959] as he is responsible for its content (Rule 7.2 (c)). Same is posted here, consistent with the Wyoming rule, as well. This compliance is consistent with Model Rule 7.2(c), and as such, is a standard that likely applies in some form in virtually every jurisdiction.

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